My heart goes out to the children that were murdered, to those that survived and to the families.


Lyrics to Children of Connecticut

Children of Connecticut
My heart goes out to you
I know that I can never feel
The things you’re going through

The hurt, the pain
The doubt, the fears
The shock, the strain
The eyes filling up with tears…

Children of Connecticut
My heart goes out to you
I’m sending you long distance love
It’s all that I can do

Killer in Connecticut
My mind is bent on you
There is no way to understand
What you were going through

You took a gun
Up off the shelf
Shot everyone
And then you shot yourself…

Killer in Connecticut
My mind is bent on you
What makes a person lose his head
And do the things you do?

People of the Planet Earth
What are we going to do
Another crazy killer strikes
And leaves us feeling blue

It’s not the first
Won’t be the last
Not quite the worst
Wish this was all long past…

People of the Planet Earth
What are we going to do
To save our kids from killing sprees
After all that we’ve been through

Victims of Connecticut
My prayers go out to you
Your lives were cut way to short
There was nothing you could do

You learned, you played
You laughed you cried
You slept, you ate
You lived, and then you died…

Victims of Connecticut
My prayers go out to you
May your souls rest in peace
May God’s love be with you

(c) David Leonhardt
All rights reserved.


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A capital stock, or simply known as stock, of any business entity is a representation of the original capital invested into the business by its founders. It is a type of security that would signify ownership within the business or the company.

There are two types of stocks, common and preferred. Owner of common stocks would generally have voting rights. This means he or she can attend shareholder meetings, vote on issues, and receive dividends.

Preferred stock on the other hand does not have the same voting rights as common stock, generally speaking. However, they have higher value or claims to earnings and assets compared to the former. One such example of this preference is that people holding this would receive their dividends first before common stock holders, in case the company is liquidated.

An option on the other hand is a contract or a financial instrument between two parties, a buyer and a seller. The buyer would gain the rights to purchase a particular asset, but not the obligation to do so. The buyer can simply opt to purchase or not depending on his or her discretion. The asset price is fixed. This asset can be a property, goods, or stocks.

The seller on the other hand would incur the obligation to fulfill delivery of the asset once the buyer exercises his or her option to purchase the said asset.

Stocks and options have one main similarity, they are both securities. Click here to keep reading about the main differences between the two.


From the post: “I know I’ve been ‘recycling’ my beer bottles, well ever since my very first beer – everyone always remembers their first. In fact, back in my first year of college, my roommate and I saved up all of our empties and cashed them in to fund a year-end kegger, but not before we first built a throne out of them.”

Home decor - beer bottle chandelier

Furniture - man-cave throne

Real estate - beer bottle castle (in which to place the man-cave throne, of course)

So what do you do with all your extra empties?


Some of the best hiking in eastern North America is found just across the border in the High Peaks section of Adirondack Park, in upstate New York.  This trip took us past two waterfalls, one on the way up to Sawteeth Mountain and another on the way down from Gothics Mountain.  In between, we visited Pyramid Mountain. Here are a few of the pics…

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Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch are best known as a ski resort.  But look what’s cooking there in September.  These pictures were taken near the beginning of September, 2012.  (More on the site.)


My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court

I’ve been sending out some impertinent tweets about Progressive Insurance lately, but I haven’t explained how they pissed me off. So I will do that here as succinctly as possible. There’s a general understanding that says, “insurance companies— oh they’re awful,” but since Progressive turned their shit hose on my late sister and my parents, I’ve learned some things that really surprised me.

I’ll try to cleave to the facts. On June 19, 2010, my sister was driving in Baltimore when her car was struck by another car and she was killed. The other driver had run a red light and hit my sister as she crossed the intersection on the green light.

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Here is a 12-step process for avoiding and, if necessary, surviving a bar brawl.

#1 – It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

#2 – Walk Away

#3 – Use Your Powers Of Reasoning

#4 – Seek Help

#5 – Prepare For The Attack

#6 – Prepare For The Attack (2)

#7 – Act Crazy

#8 – Defence Is The Best Offence

#9 – Act Decisively

#10 – There Are No Rules In A Bar Fight

#11 – Protect Yourself From Weapons

#12 – Fending Off Multiple Attackers

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It is in the fermentation stage that beer becomes categorized as either an Ale or Lager. The temperature during the fermentation stage as well as the type of yeast that is used for fermentation is responsible for creating either an Ale or a Lager.


Writing the perfect resume can be a stressful endeavour. Many people feel that they may lack the essential skills or education that the job requires and feel pressured into lying on their resumes. This is a sure-fire way to get you fired, but if you don’t really want the job anyway, there are more creative ways to go about it.